How to Order

At Debbie Does Doberge we understand that it might be kind of tricky to figure out how to get that pyramid-shaped confection you saw shared 97 times on Facebook into your mouth.  No, we don’t have a display case for you to point into and have a box filled with goodies, yet. Nor will you be completing any transactions on this website, then eagerly awaiting your mailperson to drop a box of perishables on your porch, yet. But fear not. It’s easy as pie! Wait – duh, it’s a piece of cake!

Just click through the steps below to get an idea of what product you’d like and how much of it you want to order, then just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!

cake CAKES
cupcake D-CUPS
dobites DOBITES
salty balls SALTY BALLS


Roll over a flavor with your mouse to see a description.

Colored flavors include premium ingredients and cost slightly more.