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What is this Doberge?

And how do you say it? However ya Mom an ’em say it, of course! It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you don’t let a birthday pass without some. From what we understand, back in the 1930s Beulah Ledner adapted both the name and the cake from the Hungarian dobos torta, a much heavier layered cake filled with buttercream. The idea seemed to be to lighten up the cake for the heavier (it’s-not-the-heat-it’s-the-humidity) New Orleans climate by replacing the buttercream with custard, and giving it a name that appealed to local French sensibilities. Six to eight layers of white or yellow cake with chocolate or lemon pudding, custard, curd or ganache filling and poured fondant is the doberge cake most of us have grown up with. We’ve personally never laid eyes on Beulah’s original recipe, but we feel in the right spirit continuing the evolutionary tradition from which doberge emerged by baking the lightest, fluffiest white, red velvet and chocolate cakes, slicing them into seven layers, and figuring out how to turn every flavor under the sun into a pudding and poured fondant. We do love chocolate and lemon, but we see no reason to stop there. We also see no reason to limit doberge to full-sized cakes, and offer it in small-format, as well. (See Menu & Ordering Page) Full-sized cakes are fantastic, though, and we’ll bake you one as huge as 14 inches, and huger!

Where can I find it?

At our storefront, Bakery Bar! We will have a selection of cakes, dobites, and salty balls available for you to buy straight from the case. Bakery Bar is located at 1179 Annunciation Street in New Orleans.

A Few Flavors

    Cinnamon Toasted Crunch

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    Almond / Wedding Cake

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    Rainbow Surprise Wedding Cake

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There’s plenty more to choose from, plus you can make your own flavor if you can’t find just what you’re looking for! Check it out…

How can I order?

Head over to the Menu and Ordering page! We need at least four day’s notice, but you can pick up treats from Bakery Bar every day (except Mondays).

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