About & FAQs

Charlotte and Charles, Owners, Debbie Does Doberge.

About the Bakery

It’s true. Debbie’s not Debbie. Debbie is Charlotte McGehee and Charles Mary IV. And, credit where it’s due, Amanda Toups (Toups’ Meatery) kind of started  the whole thing. The birth story: One night after work at W.I.N.O., the subject of doberge came up. Charlotte said some stuff, and Amanda, shocked, said something along the lines of, “Charlotte! You really know what you’re talking about! You have to make this a business! You should make doberge cupcakes! You should make them shaped like pyramids! Ooh! Erotic doberge! You know, for bachelorette parties!” To which Charlotte, appalled, replied something like, “No way! Well, maybe. But only if I can change my name. Can I be Debbie?” And Amanda, “Only if I can be Dallas.” Thus Debbie Does Doberge came to exist. Then Charles came along (not that night – there was some passage of time), smooched Charlotte for a few weeks straight, and when he finally came up for air started answering his phone, “Debbie Does Doberge, this is Charles. How can I help you?”

Most importantly, we are a company that loves New Orleans. It exists because this city loves its traditions, loves to eat and just loves. Best city ever. Oh, and if you ever meet or talk to Charles, you should ask him when he’s planning to put a ring on it. He loves that.


Frequently Asked Questions

We know Doberge is a new thing for some people, so here are some FAQs we thought might be helpful to look through.

When you're ready, head to the Online Ordering Page to place an order.

  • How long does it take to complete an order?

    We ask for four day’s notice, but you can also come into Bakery Bar and pick up a whole cake, dobites, salty balls, not to mention a cocktail or a savory snack. It’s always best to get orders in as soon as you can.

  • Where and When can I pick up my order once it has been placed?


    Our storefront, Bakery Bar! We’re at 1179 Annunciation St, and are open Tuesday through Friday, 11am to midnight and on Saturday and Sunday 10am until midnight.

  • Do you make half and half cakes?

    Of course! They’re a little harder to make and trip up production some, so we charge 10% more than single flavor cakes.

    Also, the actual cake part of the cake has to be the same on both sides. For example, you can get a half Red Velvet Elvis/half Bloody S’more (both use red velvet cake), but a half Red Velvet Elvis/half Lemon won’t work. Unless you think lemon pudding and red velvet cake sounds like a yummy combination!

    When you’re ordering online, just click the second flavor you’d like.  The website automatically grays out flavors that use a different flavor cake!  Give us a call at 504 210 8519 if you have trouble!


  • Can I buy just a slice/one dobite?

    Sure! Bakery Bar has a variety of cake by the slice, dobites, and salty balls available for your perusal.

  • How long will my cake last in the refrigerator/freezer?

    You’ll eat it before it gets the chance to go bad. (A week to a week and a half in the fridge; a year in the freezer.)

  • Do you make tiered wedding cakes?

    Not right now.  If you’re getting married in 2021 or later, and would like to be notified when we’re booking tiered cakes, please send us an email at [email protected]

  • Do you make any shaped cake other than round?

    Full-sized cakes are all round and Dobites are square.

  • Is there really a Debbie?

    No, but Charlotte is considering a name change just to make this question easier to answer. She’s a blusher.

  • Who made this sweet website for you?

    CALIPER! Eli’s spiffy!

  • Can I get a doberge cake without nut products?

    Yes, but…

    We are not a nut free kitchen, which is the only way to completely and legally guarantee that a nutty product has not come into some kind of contact with some part of your order. You probably hear some version of this frustrating answer often, and we’re truly sorry we have to give it to you, too. We’re in an inconvenient position where we’ve grown too large to make every component of a single nut-free order in a quarantined environment, but we’re too small to operate an additional kitchen that we can keep entirely nut free. We’ll be sure to let you know if and when this changes.

  • I'm sensitive to wheat, gluten, dairy or eggs. Is your cake safe for me?

    Unfortunately, each of those products is a vital part of our recipe.  Proceed with caution!

  • I'm trying to order a cake for a specific day, and the website won't let me! What gives?

    Sometimes the stars align, and everyone wants a cake, or dobites, or both, all on the same day.   When we reach maximum capacity for orders for a specific day, that day gets blocked off on the calendar.

    There is hope though!  You can pick up a whole cake from Bakery Bar. Give us a call or send an email if you have questions, and we’ll be happy to sort out the logistics with you.

  • Can children come to Bakery Bar?

    Absolutely! Doberge is for all ages.  Beer, wine, and cocktails, however are only for the 21+ set.  We hear a glass of cold milk goes pretty well with cake, though.

  • Shipping Inquiries

    We’re on a temporary shipping hiatus, but hope to get back to mailing doberge anywhere in the country (or the world) soon!  Shoot us an email if you’d like us to let you know when we’re back at it!