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Currently, online ordering is only for advance orders. You may pick up your order at Bakery Bar on the date you’ve requested.  We’re open 11am to midnight, everyday except Mondays. If you need your orders sooner than four days from now, come by and check out what we have in the case at Bakery Bar.  You can also give us a call at 504 265 8884 for details on what’s in stock.  Orders canceled with less than 4 days notice may be subject to a fee.  Check out About & FAQ for some more info!

Now click through the steps below to fill your shopping cart with sweet treats to share with your taste buds and your IRL buds! (I’m Charles, I think I’m hilarious, and I wrote that line.)

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cakes Cakes
d-cups D-Cups
dobites Dobites
salty balls Salty Balls

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All of our cakes are round and made up of seven layers of cake and six layers of pudding, all surrounded by a thin layer of buttercream and a slightly thicker layer of poured fondant. White or chocolate buttercream roses and a written message are included in the price of each cake.


D-Cups, like the cakes, are eight layers of cake with seven layers of pudding and a poured fondant icing. They’re the perfect size for two to share, though it’s not unheard of to devour one solo.

Minimum order of 6 cupcakes per flavor.



Dobites are doberge petit fours. They’re three layers of cake with two layers of pudding and a poured fondant icing. One person can eat multiple dobites, and often will eat as many as there are flavors to try.  Dobites are now squares, instead of pyramids.  Let us know if you’d like us to make your order the old way!

Minimum order of 12 dobites per flavor.


Salty Balls

You may have heard them called cake balls or cake truffles. A cake pop without the stick up its … ahem. Ours are salty. (Sea salty.)

Minimum order of 12 salty balls per flavor.


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