Frequently Asked Questions

We know Doberge is a new thing for some people, so here are some FAQs we thought might be helpful to look through.

  • How long does it take to complete an order?

    We ask for two day’s notice, but you can also come into Debbie on the Levee or Bakery Bar and pick up a slice or two, dobites, cookies, not to mention a cocktail or a savory snack. It’s always best to get orders in as soon as you can.

  • Where and When can I pick up my order once it has been placed?

    We now have two storefronts! Bakery Bar at 1179 Annunciation St in New Orleans and Debbie on the Levee at 2118 Reverend Richard Wilson Dr. in Kenner.

    You can double check your pick up location in your confirmation email, or by logging into your account if you created one during checkout.

  • Do you make half and half cakes?

    We’re currently making the classic Half Chocolate/Half Lemon in both a 6″and 8″ sizes! We are hoping to bring back the option to choose other flavors soon, but for now we’re keeping it simple and classic.

  • Can I buy just a slice/one dobite?

    Sure! Bakery Bar and Debbie on the Levee have a variety of cake by the slice, dobites, and other sweet bites available for your perusal.

  • How long will my cake last in the refrigerator/freezer?

    You’ll eat it before it gets the chance to go bad. (A week to a week and a half in the fridge; a year in the freezer.)

  • Do you make tiered wedding cakes?

    Not right now.  Doberge is heavy, so it doesn’t make for the most ideal cake to be tiered. We do see a lot of couples make awesome cake tables with an assortment of different doberge flavors! Want to see some examples? E-mail [email protected].

  • Do you make any shaped cake other than round?

    Full-sized cakes are all round and Dobites are square.

  • Is there really a Debbie?

    No, but Charlotte is considering a name change just to make this question easier to answer. She’s a blusher.

  • Can I get a doberge cake without nut products?

    Yes, but…

    We are not a nut free kitchen, which is the only way to completely and legally guarantee that a nutty product has not come into some kind of contact with some part of your order. You probably hear some version of this frustrating answer often, and we’re truly sorry we have to give it to you, too. We’re in an inconvenient position where we’ve grown too large to make every component of a single nut-free order in a quarantined environment, but we’re too small to operate an additional kitchen that we can keep entirely nut free. We’ll be sure to let you know if and when this changes.

  • I’m sensitive to wheat, gluten, dairy or eggs. Is your cake safe for me?

    Unfortunately, each of those products is a vital part of our recipe.  Proceed with caution!

  • I’m trying to order a cake for a specific day, and the website won’t let me! What gives?

    Sometimes the stars align, and everyone wants a cake, or dobites, or both, all on the same day.   When we reach maximum capacity for orders for a specific day, that day gets blocked off on the calendar.

    There is hope though!  Our cakes are good (if not better, depending on who you ask) for several days after we finish making them, so save yourself some stress and order your cake for a day or two before your event.

  • Can children come to Bakery Bar and Debbie on the Levee?

    Absolutely! Doberge is for all ages.  Beer, wine, and cocktails, however are only for the 21+ set.  We hear a glass of cold milk goes pretty well with cake, though.

  • My shipped cake arrived damaged! What do I do?

    Oh no! Please e-mail us at [email protected] within 24 hours with photos of the damaged cake. We will sort it out as quickly as possible!

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